Food Safety Policy & Objective

Randima Exports has been established in Sri Lanka since 1985, specialized in manufacturing and distribution of a variety of Cinnamon to meet the competitive demand of the consumers of the modern era. Today, Randima Exporters” is growing in popularity in Sri Lankan market and we are proud to continue to be a market competitor for Cinnamon. Randima Exporters food is building a reputation by offering by offering the foods market of Sri Lanka with premium quality, delicious and nutritious Cinnamon.

Food Safety Policy of Randima Exports

We at Randima Exports shall arrive to expand our Cinnamon processing business through exceeding customer expectations by improving the quality of our products and supplying safe food products preventing, elimination or reducing to an acceptable and chemical hazards with a view to continual improvement of Food Safety Management System.

All products exported by the Randima Exports are conforming to the Food Safety Management System, which is in aligning with ISO 22000:2005. All required PRPs are identified and practiced appropriately.