About Us

Randima Exports is True Cinnamon and Spices Company specialized in growing, Manufacturing and Distribution of variety of cinnamon to meet the competitive demand of consumers of modern era. The company was founded in 1925, when Sri Lanka was named as Ceylon, making the company as one of the oldest and leading Ceylon Cinnamon exporter in Sri Lanka.

Randima Exporters

Location - Manamgoda, Batapola, Sri Lanka
Industry - Ceylon Cinnamon (mother product)
                  All Spices
Founders - Daniel Walawedurage 1st Gen.
                    Ratnasiri Walawedurage 2nd Gen.
                    Randima S.M. 3rd Gen.
Area Served - World Wide
GPS Coordinates - N 60 12' 23.2"
                                 E 80 7' 22.1"

Mr. Daneil
Founder and CEO

In 1925 Mr. Daneil started small scale spice buying and selling business in the Southern part of the island, city of Batapola in Galle district. With his expertise knowledge in the field of cinnamon and cinnamon leaf oil and spices was able to develop the entity as trusted spice and cinnamon Leaf Oil suppliers in Sri Lanka and managed to forward the business into a maximum scale from small scale.

Mr. W.D.Rathnasiri

In the year of 1988 business was transferred to his son Mr. W.D.Rathnasiri currently CEO of the Randima Exports.

Mr. Randima
Director Exports

Presently his son Mr.Randima as Director Exports.
Then business was forecast on with the clear vision of becoming leading establishment around the world in the field of exports. It was successfully business transformation from the trading to exports and currently playing a major roll in cinnamon in bale form and in cut form and cinnamon leaf oil and bark oil and spices industry in Sri Lanka. Customer relationship as spend over many decades providing and satisfying much needed customers’ expectations up to their standards locally as well as international as Randima Exporters, almost all customers have containing business relationships for their first transaction and building naturally benefited long term business relationship over the years.